New Dental Treatments

Our goal is a long-lasting, comfortable relationship with our patients. To this end, we stay current with all the latest techniques and dental treatments. We are happy to announce the availability of the new CEREC system for in-office, same-day crowns and inlays! As a result of this revolutionary system, we can usually make your all-porcelain restorations in one visit. In addition, this is often without any need for impressions.

Dental Emergencies

The Dentist Down the Lane is here for you whenever dental emergencies arise, with our doctors available 24/7 through our voicemail system. For specialized cases and a wide range of dental services, we have a dedicated team of dental care specialists. Our dentistry staff provides educational materials in both video and printed formats for your convenience. Additionally, we utilize an advanced intra-oral camera to diagnose your dental health with exceptional precision down to almost microscopic detail.

Technology Lighting Center

In addition, we equip each treatment room with a Technology Lighting Center (TLC). To explain, this is an over-the-chair dental light that incorporates a flat screen monitor and cool-to-the-touch fiber optic dental lights. In short, TLC allows you to watch your favorite shows and videos during your treatment. Additionally, the special lighting system comes from below, not above. Consequently, there is no more hot, harsh lighting glare in your eyes during care, just cool comfort.

Our Dental Services

The Dentist Down the Lane takes pride in being more than just dentists – we are your trusted partners in your overall health and well-being! Our mission is to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for every member of your family. From young children to adults, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and ensuring your utmost comfort throughout your visits.